Syracuse Mets, New York Knicks and NY Islanders are three of the most popular teams in the state of New York.


Top 25 New York sports teams with most fans

Baseball, hockey, soccer, football, even lacrosse! NY has a place for all of these sports. And we took all of them into account to make a ranking of the New York sports teams with most fans.

Syracuse Mets, New York Knicks and NY Islanders are three of the most popular teams in the state of New York.

Syracuse Mets, New York Knicks and NY Islanders are three of the most popular teams in the state of New York. (Photo: Getty)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of New York? Probably the skyscrapers, the Empire State, or the Statue of Liberty. But NY is also the place of many sports teams and holds a huge amount of sports fans.

Taking into account the numbers shown on Facebook, we decided to make a ranking of the 25 New York sports teams with most fans. It's important to mentions that the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and the New York Red Bulls are not included on this list, as they all based and play their home games in New Jersey.

25. Binghamton Devils

Devils born in 1998 as Lowell Lock Monsters. (Photo: Binghamton Devils Facebook)

Fans: 23,000
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: AHL
City: Binghamton
Founded: 1998

The Binghamton Devils haven’t been around for that long. As a matter of fact, they were just recently rebranded in 2018 after being founded as the Lowell Lock Monsters in 1998. So obviously, they still don’t have that many fans.

The Devils are the American Hockey League (AHL) minor-league affiliate of the New Jersey Devils and play their home games at the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena, which can host up to 7,000 fans.

24. Tri-City ValleyCats

'Cats won 3 minor league titles. (Photo: Tri-City ValleyCats Facebook)

Fans: 23,000
Sport: Baseball
League: NYPL
City: Troy
Founded: 2002

The Tri-City ValleyCats or just ‘Cats’, as most local fans refer to, are one of the minor-league affiliates for the Houston Astros from the New York-Penn League. They won three championships thus far.

The Cats’ supporters in Troy have seen players of the likes of Dallas Keuchel, George Springer, Ben Zobrist, Hunter Pence, J.D Martínez, and even José Altuve take the field before joining the Astros.

23. New York Lizards

Lizards are original members of the MLL. (Photo: NY Lizards Facebook)

Fans: 24,000
Sport: Lacrosse
League: MLL
City: Hempstead
Founded: 2001

If you’re a fan of lacrosse in the New York City area then you must root for the New York Lizards, the three-time MLL Champions formerly known as the Long Island Lizards until the end of the 2012 season.

The Lizards have one of the biggest rivalries in lacrosse with the Chesapeake Bayhawks, who have beat them 3 times in 5 MLL Finals thus far. They also hold some grudges with the Boston Cannons, of course.

22. Long Island Ducks

Bethpage Ballpark is the home of L.I Ducks. (Photo: Long Island Ducks Facebook)

Fans: 24.000
Sport: Baseball
League: ALPB
City: Central Islip
Founded: 1998

The Long Island Ducks have found a lot of success in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB) since their foundation in 1998, winning 4 championships (including one in 2019) and 8 division titles.

The Ducks have made their way into the heart of Long Island after seeing former MLB greats like Ramón Castro, Dontrelle Willis, Leo Rosales, Bryan Nelson, and Josh Barfield made their roster.

21. Binghamton Rumble Ponies

The Rumble Ponies fans cheering during a game. (Photo: Binghamton Rumble Facebook)

Fans: 31,000
Sport: Baseball
League: Eastern League
City: Binghamton
Founded: 1987

The Binghamton Rumble Ponies are the Double-A minor-league affiliate for the New York Mets. They currently play in the NYSEG Stadium, which can host up to 6,012 fans for their home games.

This team has gone through many re-brandings along the years but they can still count with their diehard fans rooting for them. Thus far, they’ve won 3 championships with 3 division titles as well.

20. Syracuse Mets

Mets were previously known as Syracuse SkyChiefs and Syracuse Chiefs. (Photo: Syracuse Mets Facebook)

Fans: 33,000
Sport: Baseball
League: International League
City: Syracuse
Founded: 1934

The Syracuse Mets hold a long and close history with the New York Mets. They went from being their Clase-A minor-league affiliate, to Double-A, and now Triple-A. Obviously, they’ve had some legends on their ranks.

It’s not odd to watch Major League players take their talents to the NBT Bank Stadium while they work their way back from injuries. As a matter of fact, even Tim Tebow has played for them.

19. Rochester Red Wings

Frontier Field, home of the Red Wings. (Photo: Rochester Red Wings Facebook)

Fans: 33,000
Sport: Baseball
League: International League
City: Rochester
Founded: 1899

You’re not likely to find many Minnesota Twins fans in the New York area. However, there are plenty of Rochester Red Wings supporters around Rochester, and that team happens to be a minor-league affiliate for the Twins.

Notably, they were also affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals and Baltimore Orioles in the past, and have won 19 International League titles thus far, the most in the history of that competition.

18. Utica Comets

Players before an AHL game. (Photo: Utica Comets Facebook)

Fans: 35,000
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: American Hockey League
City: Utica
Founded: 1932

The Utica Comets are one of the most important, beloved, and historical minor-league affiliates in American hockey history. They’ve been around for over 80 years and were once affiliated with the New Jersey Devils.

Now, they work as the Vancouver Canucks’ farm system after going through several major rebrandings. They were founded as the Quebec Beavers but have been quite welcome since moving to Utica.

17. Syracuse Crunch

Syracuse Crunch's players prepare themselves for a game. (Photo: Syracuse Crunch Facebook)

Fans: 35,000
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: American Hockey League
City: Syracuse
Founded: 1992

The Syracuse community is incredibly passionate about sports, so you know they’re definitely going to support every single team that represents them, even if its a minor-league hockey team.

The Syracuse Crunch are currently affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning, with thousands of fans rooting for them at the Upstate Medical University Arena at Onondaga County War Memorial. 

16. Hudson Valley Renegades

Dutchess Stadium is the home of the Renegades. (Photo: Hudson Valley Renegades Facebook)

Fans: 35,000
Sport: Baseball
League: McNamara Division
City: Fishkill
Founded: 1994

The Hudson Valley Renegades are the minor-league short-season A affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays, moving to the area in 1996 after a couple of seasons tied to the Texas Rangers organization.

Now, they play in the Dutchess Stadium in the small town of Fishkill, with over 30,000 souls rooting for them. Thus far, they’ve won 3 league titles and 5 division titles since their foundation in 1994.

15. Staten Island Yankees

Young Staten Island fans hi-five with the players. (Photo: Staten Island Yankees Facebook)

Fans: 35,000
Sport: Baseball
League: McNamara Division
City: New York City
Founded: 1999

If you happen to have some spare time while visiting New York City, it may make some sense to go watch a Staten Island Yankees game, as you never know who may pop up on their roster.

Guys like Brett Gardner, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, and Francisco Cervelli are among the team’s most notable alumni, let alone those who have been assigned to rehab with them over the past couple of years.

14. Rochester Americans

An Americans' match. (Photo: Rochester Americans Facebook)

Fans: 53,000
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: AHL
City: Rochester 
Founded: 1956

The Rochester Americans are one of the winningest teams of the AHL and currently co-owned by the Buffalo Sabres, so their most loyal fanbase also roots for them year after year, believe it or not.

Needless to say, you won’t find many AHL fans around the nation, let alone New York City. Still, the ‘Amerks’ hold a little place in the hearts of the city since its foundation in 1956 and they’re not going anywhere.

13. Brooklyn Cyclones

A Cyclons fan cheering his team in a regular-season game. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 70,000
Sport: Baseball
League: McNamara Division
City: New York City
Founded: 1986

New York Mets’ fans are often seen at Brooklyn Cyclones’ games, as this minor-league affiliate has seen some of their biggest stars since 2001, including defending Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso.

Also, the Brooklyn Cyclones have found a lot of success competing since becoming the Mets’ affiliate, so if you’re not busy and live around the area, go take a look at the stars of tomorrow, yo u won't regret it.

12. Buffalo Bisons

In 2016, Forbes listed the Bisons as the 15th-most valuable Minor League Baseball team. (Photo: Buffalo Bisons Facebook)

Fans: 70,000
Sport: Baseball
League: International League
City: Buffalo
Founded: 1979

The Buffalo Bisons are the Minor League Toronto Blue Jays’ associate and previously held ties with the New York Mets, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, and a huge etcetera, so they hold a big spot in the history of this sport.

There aren’t many incentives to watch minor league baseball unless you’re a diehard fan living in the area or want to take a glimpse at the prospects that’ll take the league for assault in some years.

11. New York Liberty

Barclays Center is the home of the NY Liberty. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 101,000
Sport: Basketball
League: WNBA
City: New York City
Founded: 1997

The WNBA is becoming more popular by the day now that female sports are finally getting the attention they deserve. That’s why they’re likely to continue climbing this ranking in no time, for sure

New York Liberty has never won the WNBA championship but they hold 4 Conference titles and are perennial contenders. With Sabrina Ionescu leading the way, their championship drought is going to come to an end pretty soon.

10. New York Cosmos 

Pelé finished his career in the original NY Cosmos. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 168,000
Sport: Soccer
League: NISA
City: New York City
Founded: 1971/2010

New York Cosmos was originally created in the 1970s and had great stars like Pelé, but it disappeared after 15 years. Now, the team’s trying to work their way to the city’s heart again.

The Cosmos have struggled to bring people together because they come from a time when soccer wasn’t that popular in the U.S and they don’t play in the MLS right now, which also hurts their chances.

9. New York Islanders

NY Islanders fans cheering the team during a game against Detroit Red Wings. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 302,000
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: NHL
City: New York City
Founded: 1972

The New York Islanders are the least popular NHL team in the New York area but they still have plenty of supporters with 302,000 passionate souls rooting for them every single night out there.

The Islanders have their very own turf in the Barclays Center, and just like the Brooklyn Nets, their trying to build up their own brand and become the city’s team, which is unlikely to happen.

8. Buffalo Sabres

Fans connecting with the players during an NHL game. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 501,000
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: NHL
City: Buffalo
Founded: 1970

People in Buffalo are incredibly passionate with their sports teams. Just like we’ve seen with the Bills Mafia, the Sabres also bring a lot of people to their own turf regardless of their struggles.

The Sabres have never won the Stanley Cup but they still have over half a million diehard fans that’ll fill the KeyBank Center any given night to root for their guys. Hopefully, they’ll turn around things pretty soon.

7. Buffalo Bills

The Bills Backers are the official fan organization of the Buffalo Bills. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 907,000
Sport: Football
League: NFL
City: Buffalo
Founded: 1960

The Buffalo Bills haven’t been relevant for a while and they don’t have the most modern home turf but still, they diehard fans line up every Sunday to root for their squad and cheer for Joe Allen.

The iconic Bills Mafia will body-slam tables just because. They’re loud, they love their team, and they want everyone to know about it. Hopefully, they’ll rule the AFC East now with Tom Brady out of the picture.

6. New York Rangers

Rangers play their home games in the mythical Madison Square Garden. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 1.5 million
Sport: Ice Hockey
League: NHL
City: New York City
Founded: 1926

The New York Rangers have packed the Madison Square Garden for decades and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change any time soon, even despite their lack of silverware.

The Rangers haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1994 but there isn’t a true New Yorker who’s not a diehard Rangers fan. When it comes to the ice, they’re the true owners of Manhattan.

5. New York Mets

The Mets have won two World Series titles. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 1.5 million
Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
City: New York City
Founded: 1962

The New York Mets haven’t been as successful as their neighbors from the Bronx, but that hasn’t stopped every guy in Queens from rooting for them even against the odds. They have one of the most colorful fans in baseball.

Obviously, living under the shadow of the New York Yankees isn’t easy but the Mets have built a strong, loyal foundation and fanbase that’ll be right by their side from generation to generation.

4. New York City FC

The Third Rail, NYFC's official supporter group. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 2.2 million
Sport: Soccer
League: MLS
City: New York City
Founded: 2013

New York City FC hasn’t been around for that long but they’ve already left their footprint on the hearts of millions of fans across the city, mainly because of the superstar they’ve brought to town.

This team has done an outstanding job expanding their brand and it’s only a matter of time before they become one of the biggest markets in the nation. I mean, who doesn’t love New York City?

3. Brooklyn Nets

Fans of the Brooklyn Nets before an NBA Game. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 2.7 million
Sport: Basketball
League: NBA
City: New York City
Founded: 1967

The Brooklyn (former New Jersey) Nets are doing everything well lately. They’re developing a winning culture that hasn’t gone unnoticed by NBA superstars such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Their efforts to make the Nets the bigger market in the city have been quite successful over the past couple of years, but it seems unlikely that they will ever top the Knicks when it comes to fans.

2. New York Knicks

Knicks fans wait for the NBA Draft. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 5.7 million
Sport: Basketball
League: NBA
City: New York City
Founded: 1946

The New York Knicks haven’t won an NBA Championship since 1973, yet people still talk about Madison Square Garden as the mecca of basketball. Every superstar has dreamed about playing there.

There’s just something about New York City that make people fall in love with their basketball culture. Regardless of how the team is performing, you can always expect their turf to be stacked with diehard, loyal fans.

1. New York Yankees

NY Yankees have won 27 World Series titles. (Photo: Getty)

Fans: 8.5 million
Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
City: New York City
Founded: 1901

The New York Yankees are New York’s team by excellence. I mean, if you’re wearing Pinstripes, you’re never going to pay for a coffee, drink, or meal ever again in your life if you’re in the Big Apple.

There’s a reason why they’re called the ‘Bronx Zoo’. They’re passionate about their team and will let every visiting outfielder have a piece of their mind. No one else is welcome, especially not Red Sox fans.


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