Al Thumama Stadium one of the venues of Qatar 2022. (Getty)

Qatar 2022

The beauty of Al Thumama Stadium one of the venues of Qatar 2022

Al Thumama Stadium is one of eight World Cup venues that will host Soccer’s biggest event in November of 2022. It will later be downsized and serve as a community sports hub. 


Al Thumama Stadium one of the venues of Qatar 2022. (Getty)

Al Thumama Stadium one of the venues of Qatar 2022. (Getty)

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner, and Al Thumama Stadium is under construction in preparations for the first-ever FIFA World Cup to be played in an Arab country. The stadium was built as a homage to Qatar’s culture and history.

Each one of Qatar’s World Cup stadiums is being built or renovated to have cooling technology to reduce field temperatures during the competition. During the day, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees and the host nation want players and spectators to enjoy their stadium atmosphere. Each stadium will be built with the highest sustainability and environmental standards in the world.

With a capacity of 40,000 fans, Al Thumama Stadium will host matches all the way to the quarter-finals and then live on as a community sports hub. Let’s review each of the cultural and technological aspects that make Al Thumama Stadium so unique.


Al Thumama Stadium under construction

 A general exterior view of the Construction of the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar.
A general exterior view of the Construction of the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar. (Getty)

The stadium is currently under construction and some of the main features will be a shaded roof that will cover the stands and bring in sunlight to the field. It will have a capacity of 40,000 fans where each spectator will have a spectacular view of the field. The stadium will feature a 50,000m2 park area, with native vegetation and 400 trees covering over 80% of the landscape. The venue will also include a clinic of the Aspetar Hospital for sports medicine and orthopedics to help players dealing with injuries throughout the World Cup.

Al Thumama Stadium Design

taqiyah hat design
The stadium was inspired by the traditional taqiyah hat that Arab men wear. (Getty)

The stadium was designed to be a community hub, a place that will survive long after a champion is crowned during the World Cup. The design is inspired by the taqiyah hat, a traditional woven cap worn by Arab men for centuries in the region.

Al Thumama Stadium is environment friendly

Al Thumama Stadium
Al Thumama Stadium stadium rendition. (FIFA)

The stadium will ensure that 40% more freshwater will be saved, and recycled water is used to sustain the green areas. Once the tournament ends the Stadium and surrounding area will continue to meet the latest environmental standards.

Life after the World Cup

Once the World Cup is finished the Al Thumama Stadium will be downsized, from 40,000 to 20,000 seats. The seats that will be removed will be donated to countries in need of sport stadium materials. The downsized structure will continue to host Soccer and other sporting events. The medical center will operate after the World Cup, and there will be fields or facilities for various sports such as handball, volleyball, basketball, and swimming.


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