Premier League Matchday 24 is part of the past now, with Manchester City continuing their great campaign, this time with a win over Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. Wolverhampton started the weekend with a win over Leeds, while Southampton managed to tie against the the inspired Chelsea

Burnley and West Bromwich couldn't harm each other, tying a goalless match. Everton beat Liverpool at Anfield for the Merseyside Derby while Fulham worsened Sheffield United's situation. 

West Ham did the job against the wandering Tottenham while Leicester continued their good pace with a win over Aston Villa. Manchester United beat Newcastle at Old Trafford while Crystal Palace closed the Matchday with a win over Brighton.

2020/21 Premier League results after Matchday 25

Wolverhampton 1-0 Leeds United 

Southampton 1-1 Chelsea 

Burnley 0-0 West Bromwich 

Liverpool 0-2 Everton 

Fulham 1-0 Sheffield United 

West Ham 2-1 Tottenham 

Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester City 

Arsenal 0-1 Manchester City 

Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle 

Brighton 1-2 Crystal Palace

2020/21 Premier League: Matchday 26 Matches

Manchester City vs West Ham 

West Bromwich vs Brighton 

Leeds vs Aston Villa

Newcastle vs Wolverhampton 

Crystal Palace vs Fulham 

Leicester City vs Arsenal 

Tottenham vs Burnley 

Chelsea vs Manchester United 

Sheffield United vs Liverpool 

Everton vs Southampton 

2020/21 Premier League Top Scorers after Matchday 25

1. Mohamed Salah - Liverpool (17)

2. Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United (15)

3. Son Heung-min - Tottenham (13)

3. Harry Kane - Tottenham (13)

3. Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Everton (13) 

2020/21 Premier League standings after Matchday 25

Premier League standings after Matchday 25. (
Premier League standings after Matchday 25. (

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