Liga MX 2021 finally started after a month of absence. The Mexican tournament returned with a lot of entertaining matches, including Tigres UANL beating the current champion León in the first encounter of the season. This competition will bring us a lot of emotions and it's time to check all the details you have to know. 

A new tournament started with teams that will try to dethrone León at any cost, but the job won’t be easy for them. Plenty of teams will try to lift the trophy this season and the next 17 rounds will be very important to reach their goal. 

We’re about to start a new season full of emotions and starting January 8, 18 teams will fight for the most coveted trophy in Mexican football. It’s time to go through the schedule, the format of the competition, the matchdays and the key dates for Liga MX 2021. 

Liga MX 2021 Format 

The 2021 Liga MX tournament will have 17 rounds. As it happened in the 2020 tournament, 12 teams will make the playoffs, with eight teams playing to make it to the quarter-finals, where the top-4 seeded squads will be waiting. 

Four play-in games will take place before we enter the last-8 round, where the real tournament will begin. Last season, these play-in games provided very good games with some surprises that lifted the level of competition. 

When does Liga MX 2021 start?

The league started on January 8, with a three-game slate. The first matchday is gone now and we're ready to continue this tournament and all the emotions it will bring to all the fans not only in México but the U.S. and the rest of the world.  

Liga MX 2021 Schedule 

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Liga MX 2021 Key Dates 

As it happens every single season, we’ll have a series of matches that gets more attention than the rest. Every major derby is taking part in this tournament, starting with the biggest one of all between Chivas and América. 

Chivas vs Pumas: Matchday 8 (Sunday, February 28)

Chivas v America: Matchday 11 (Sunday, March 14)

Tigres v América: Matchday 14 (Saturday, April 10)

America vs Cruz Azul: Matchday 15 (Saturday, April 17)

Tigres v Monterrey: Matchday 16 (Saturday, April 24)

Atlas vs Chivas: Matchday 16 (Saturday, April 24)

Pumas vs America: Matchday 17 (Sunday, May 2)

Liga MX 2021 Playoffs 

The Liga MX 2021 playoffs will take place May 8 and 9, with four matches taking place on those dates. The play-in games will be played a couple of days before the start of the last-8 round, which will be on May 12 and 13 for the first leg and May 15 and 16 for the second leg. 

The semifinals will be played on May 19, 20 and May 22, 23. The first game of the final will be played on May 27 while the second game of the series will take place three days later, finishing the season on May 30.