In 1994, a show about four 20-something friends who lived out their days from a Central Park cafe took the world by storm and launched the careers of it’s four stars. Friends was a phenomenon, as Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachael’s hair style was adapted by millions of women around the world. Everyone had their favorite episode and character from the show.

For 10 seasons, America was glued to their television sets to watch each episode, and the show left many unforgettable moments during its run. Here we will countdown the top 25 moments from one of television's best sitcoms of all time, here are the top moments from Friends!

25. Ross gets a tan

Ross and his tan.

In a season 10 episode, Ross goes to a tanning salon that Monica had suggested and the results could not have been more disastrous. Ross gets sprayed in the face twice and comes out the worst of wear. Chandler rips him when he sees Ross return from the salon, a classic Friends moment.

24. Hot guy sent to hospital

When flirting goes wrong.

In a season 1 episode, Monica and Phoebe are out on the street when a hot guy says something to Monica, Phoebe eggs Monica on to say something back. When Monica finally does, the hot guy smiles back but is hit by an ambulance.

23. Ross son plays with dolls

Guys and dolls.

In season 3 Ross is horrified to learn that his infant son is playing with a Barbie doll. In an effort to take the doll away from him, Ross buys his son as many “boy” toys as possible. The result is comic gold as Ross plays the most violent G.I. Joe games possible. Later on Monica puts Ross through the ringer as she tells everyone he used to dress as a woman when they were children.

22. Brad Pitt crashes on set

Brad Pitt crashed the apartment as Will.

In season 8, Brad Pitt, who in real life was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time, stopped by the show and had a guest role as Will, a friend of Monica’s. The side joke was that Will’s character hated Rachel, who used to abuse him verbally in high school.

21. Chandler proposes to Monica

Chandler proposes.

In one of the most memorable episodes of the series,  the two part episode concludes with candle light and Monica trying to propose to Chandler, but when emotion takes over and Monica can’t get through the proposal, Chandler mans up, and pops the question. 

20. Joey on Pyramid 

"Paper, Snow, A Ghost!"

When Joey was a guest on the game show Pyramid, the results were just hilarious. Joey goes through various off the cuff and uncomfortable remarks during the show and in one segment when the clue is “Things you find in the refrigerator” he gives funny answers like: "Paper, Snow, A Ghost!"

19. Phoebe does not believe in Evolution


In a season 2 episode Ross is mortified to learn that Phoebe does not believe in evolution or gravity. Ross goes through the episode trying to explain evolution to Phoebe, but Phoebe always counters with funny retractions.

18. We’re on a break

The breakup.

One of the toughest episodes to watch was the famous We’re on a break episode when Rachel and Ross break up. Things got a bit tense for Ross and Rachel as season 3 wore on and it culminated in Ross sleeping with another girl. The end result was an entire episode dedicated to the end of a relationship. It was gut punching.

17. Smelly cat 

Smelly cat. the song that touched our hearts.

In season 2 the entire gang sings smelly cat as Phoebe plays the song in Central Perk. Who can forget the tune “smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?”

16. "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" 

Joey and Chandler's wardrobe.

Joey and Chandler take things to the immature as they fight over who sits on the couch, the end result is they start hiding things from one another, until Joey does the opposite and puts on every bit of clothing Chandler owns!

15. Crap Bag

My husband... Crap Bag.

Paul Rudd guest stars as Mike Hannigan, who dates and then marries Phoebe Buffay, in one of the episodes the couple change their names, and Mike wants to be known as Crap Bag. Things take a turn for the awkward when Mike asks to be introduced as “Crap Bag”.

14. The Routine

The Routine.

In season six, Ross and Monica want to get on the stage of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, in order to do that they need to do their dance routine from high school. What unfolded was truly funny and embarrassing dance number that had audiences rolling in their seats.

13. Chandler smile

Oh god that smile.

In season 7, Chandler and Monica have to take their engagement picture, and they go to a professional photographer. Chandler, who can’t take a decent picture for the life of him, does his “smile” and the audience bursts out laughing!

12. The Magic Sex Story

"... back packing through western Europe."

In season 8, Rachel and Ross show the gang a video tape they filmed that according to Rachel, was Ross begging Rachel to get back with him. During the course of the tape Rachel says “did I ever tell you when I went back packing through western Europe”, which is a sex story Joey uses as a way to have sex with women.

11. Ross is fine

Ross is fine.. or was he?

Ross walks in and sees Joey and Rachel kissing and finds out they are dating. A shocked Ross tells everyone that “Am fine”, but he visibly is upset and almost near an emotional breakdown.

10. I take thee Rachel

I take thee Rachel.

When it seemed like Ross and Rachel would never be together again, during Ross’ wedding with Emily, Ross says “I take thee Rachel” to the shock of everyone. The fallout was a divorce and we all know what happened next. It was shocking when audiences first saw it!

9. Joey and Ross nap together

Nap time.

In season 7 after watching television together, Ross and Joey fall asleep on the couch. The moment they wake up and realize they “slept” together the awkward moments that follow were just comedy gold. The whole “best nap ever” conversation is just hilarious.

8. The pregnancy test

Rachel's pregnant.

When Phoebe finds a positive pregnancy test  and assumes that it’s Monica, on Monica’s wedding day, things take a left turn because it’s actually Rachel who is pregnant.

7. Monica and the turkey

Monica the turkey.

On Thanksgiving it took Monica wearing a turkey on her head for Chandler to say he loved her. It was a flashback episode where we saw Chandler lose his toe. When Monica wears the turkey and puts glasses on it is really funny.

6. The Pivot

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

When Ross needs to get his new couch to his apartment, Chandler, Rachel, and Ross needs to take it up the stairs. It is an impossible mission that results in the famous “pivot” scream. When it finally makes it to Ross’ apartment it's completely cut in half.

5. Ross finds out Rachel likes him

Ross finds out.

In one of the best episodes of the series after a bad date Rachel drunk calls Ross and leaves a message on his phone where she finally tells him she has feelings for him. The audience is laughing their way through as Ross and Rachel fight over the phone and Ross hears what he needs to hear.

4. Ross and Rachel the first kiss

Ross and Rachel the first kiss.

The backbone of the series eventually became the on again, off again, happy ending relationship between Ross and Rachel. But that first kiss at the end of when Ross finds out is priceless. It was something the audience was waiting for! 

3. Monica’s mystery first kisser

Monica finds out about her mystery first kisser.

When Ross and Chandler are at each other's throats over having kissed Rachel in the 80s, Ross mentions how he kissed Rachel, but it was in fact his sister Monica. The famous line “I was the pile of coats” was just priceless.

2. The last scene

The empty apartment.

When the show ended we spent 10 seasons with Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica. The scene in which they are all standing in the empty apartment hit home to all the time that had passed. It was a fun yet sad moment for fans.

1. One with Unagi

The One With Unagi.

In the sixth season Phoebe and Rachel take self-defense classes and they are eager to prove they can take down almost anyone. Ross then tells them that after years of studying martial arts he has learned that self-defense is useless without Unagi, a state of total awareness. What results is Ross being taken down… hard! It was one of if not the funniest moments of the show.