Donald Trump doesn’t have many supporters within the NBA family. (Getty)


NBA player who spoke favorably of Trump… sort of

Whoa!? Yeah? Yes. There is a former NBA player who has spoken highly or at least favorably towards the President of the United States, Donald Trump.


Donald Trump doesn’t have many supporters within the NBA family. (Getty)

Donald Trump doesn’t have many supporters within the NBA family. (Getty)

The NBA and Donald Trump have had a rocky relationship since he took office in 2016. The NBA players union as a whole have denounced the President’s stances on police brutality and other social issues during his four years in office. Now, the US Election 2020 are just around the corner.

During the NBA’s return in the Orlando bubble and when players decided to take a knee in protest of the various police shootings, Trump was livid, attacking certain players individually as well as attacking the league as a whole.

Oddly enough, there is one player within the NBA family who has spoken well of the President. That player is none other than “The Worm” Dennis Rodman, and while he hardly has endorsed the President, he has a strange history with Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.

Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump

Dennis Rodman will go down in history as one of the strangest middlemen of all time, he has a decent relationship with President Donald Trump, according to various reports they did hang out in the 1990s in various night scenes. Rodman was also a contestant on Donald Trump’s NBC show, The Apprentice.

Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump.
Rodman was a contestant on Trump's TV show, The Apprentice. (Getty)

A few years ago, Rodman traveled to North Korea in a peacekeeper capacity and met with leader Kim Jong-un, and was visibly emotional when both leaders met on June 30th of 2019. None the less while Rodman is a fan of Donald Trump the pal, he has had issues with the Trump presidency, stating to Sports Illustrated that,  “I like Donald Trump, I don’t like him as a president, but he’s f—–g cool as f–k. Donald Trump makes me laugh. He tries to be this holier than thou guy, and I kid him about that every time I see him, I don’t look at him like the president, I look at him like a friend. He can carry a torch with me anytime, someone who I can sit down, chit chat, and have a beer with.


Please America let’s stop the rioting and all come together as one. Y’all stay safe!! Much ❤️

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This is the closest a former or current NBA player has spoken kindly towards the President, Rodman even disagreed with Trump during the George Floyd protests, requesting that protesters protest in peace on his Instagram account. 




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