Donald Trump and LeBron James (Getty)


At one time Donald Trump actually liked LeBron James

As we approach the decisive hours of the 2020 Presidential Elections, social media users were able to dig up an old Donald Trump tweet where he actually congratulated LeBron James on an award.


Donald Trump and LeBron James (Getty)

Donald Trump and LeBron James (Getty)

Donald Trump is known for being a huge celebrity fan, he enjoyed spending time with just about any athlete, team, or famous person before he became President of the United States.  It’s hard to imagine with all the war of words between the NBA star and the President in the 2020 elections that Trump actually spoke highly of LeBron James. 

In the last few months, both have had everything but nice things to say about each other. Three years ago, LeBron James went as far as calling President Trump a “bum” and the President in turn poked fun at the poor NBA Finals TV ratings, blaming them on the NBA becoming too political. 

If you dig deep enough, you will always find a tweet that contradicts the President, and this time it’s in the case of LeBron James. The future president of the United States congratulated the NBA great when he won Athlete of the Year on the ESPYS in 2013. 

Donald Trump congratulates LeBron James

The comments that followed after the tweet was dug up poked fun at the President’s constant contradictions as many users placed GIFS and memes to poke fun at Trump. LeBron James on the other hand has been very active on social media today, he retweeted various tweets of voters having issues at their local polling stations


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