Dogs are loyal, spunky, happy, and intuitive animals. They have a six sense and can tell when their masters are feeling low, or if there is joy in their surroundings. Dogs also have the intelligence of a two-year-old child, and they can understand up to 250 words. So, in more ways than one your dog knows what’s going on around him.

If you live an adventurous life, your dog can and most likely will be right there with you. If you like to watch TV all day, your dog will be at your side. Here we have compiled all the activities you can do with your adorable and faithful dog; some will shock you but others you will be more than happy to give them a try!

Let’s try Yoga after a long day’s work with your dog

Doggy Yoga. (Instagram user)

Need to calm down after a long day’s work or want to get the day started on a high note, well that Yoga session just got a bit more wholesome when your dog is right there with you going through the motions. Doga, as it is called, when you and your dog both practice Yoga, is a very unique bonding experience. Certain positions your dog is right there with you kicking their leg out or even sitting atop your stomach as you do certain poses.

Doggy Surf

Doggy Surf. (Instagram user)

Yoga a bit too indoors for you? Well, a new trend has started to pop like Doggy Surf, how about grabbing that long board and hitting the waves with your best friend on four legs? Some dogs ride the board with their owners! Others like Rothstein get on the surfboard and ride the wave by themselves with their masters not far behind! That’s one wave rockin Bulldog!

Scooter rides with your puppy

Scooter rides with your puppy. (Google Search)

Another outdoor activity that has caused a sensation are scooters! So, in case your dog hates the water, hop on a scooter with your dog and enjoy a stroll by the park, down the street, or along the beach. Think your dog might find it difficult to hold on? Some scooters actually come with doggy handles!

Take your doggy to the park

Take your doggy to the park. (Instagram user)

A lovely Saturday afternoon in the park is good for anyone! You might want to go with your dog to the park and read a book, play catch, ride that scooter or train. Your dog will be right there beside you! You can also rock your dog on the swing and have him enjoy the games that the park offers. Just don’t let other people catch you! But look at him! He is just enjoying himself!

Or watch the sunset with your dog

Or watch the sunset with your dog. (Instagram user)

After a lovely day at the park enjoy a lovely bit of quiet time with your dog as you watch the sunset. Breath in that lovely summer day by watching the sunset come down and hug your dog and think about what you did today and what adventures await the next day.

Go on a Doggie Date

Go on a Doggie Date. (Google)

Did you meet someone? Have an interest in dogs? Well, you can go on a doggie date and meet not only that significant other, but also that significant other on four legs! If you both have dogs the dogs can meet each other! Doggie dates are a fad, and many couples use them to break the ice!

Doggie Bike Rides

Doggie Bike Rides (Google)

Want to enjoy the sites but don’t want to leave your puppy alone? Take em for a bike ride! Yes, there are now bikes that are made for traveling with your dog. Now you can take him on a stroll or get some exercise with your favorite friend on four legs with you!

Dog Puzzles

Dog Puzzles. (Google)

You can now match wits with your dog as there are also puzzles for dogs! Test his intelligence by playing a game and be amazed at just how you and your dog can master solving puzzles and enjoy some great quality time.

Throw a dog party!

Throw a dog party! (Unsplash)

Is it your puppy’s special day? Well throw em a dog party! Invite all their friends from the neighborhood and prepare that cake! Dog parties are a great way for your dog to socialize and for you to meet your neighbors and make new friends!

Take your dog to work!

Take your dog to work! (Unsplash)

This has become a thing! Companies are allowing their employees to take their dogs to work! So, if you have a long day’s work ahead get your dog and take him to the office and put things in perspective.

Paint with your dog

Paint with your dog. (Google)

Share a moment of creativity and paint with your dog, take that brush, bring out your puppies inner Michelangelo and see what they come up with. Just make sure he doesn’t eat the pain cause he might get a tummy ache!

Dog on a trampoline

Dog on a trampoline. (Google)

After a long day's work or just get that weekend started with a bang, you and your puppy can hop on a trampoline and just enjoy some good old fashion fun! Trampoline is great exercise for you and your dog and will provide many thrills and spills!

Go to a pub with your dog

Cheers. (Instagram)

Yes, now you can go to the pub with a friend and have a drink! There are actually many dog friendly pubs, that even have menus for your dog so they can eat and socialize as you meet some friends and drink a brew! Always be responsible when alcohol is involved especially if you bring your best friend on four legs!

Watch a movie or TV show

Watch a movie or TV show. (Unsplash)

Nothing like binge watching your favorite TV show with your best friend right next to you! Dogs love to sit on the couch with their masters and take in a good movie or sports game! You’re never alone when your dog is around to share some screen moments with you!

Make your dog a Pupcicles

Make your dog a Pupcicles (Google)

Pupcicles are lovely frozen yummy treats you can give your dog after a long hot day, you can enjoy ice cream and let your dog cool off with a pupcicle of his own! Easy to make and hugely satisfying to your puppy, it’s a perfect way to bond!

Read to your dog

Read to your dog. (Instagram)

Sharing a good book is just as rewarding for your dog as yourself, in a calm and relaxed setting a good book will entertain and help you bond with your dog. Take your dog to places you want to go through a book and enjoy the experience together.

Dog Halloween

Dog Halloween. (Instagram)

It’s Halloween and one of the best and most fun activities to do with your dog is dressed for Halloween! Then go out and trick or treat with your adorable pup. Many dog owners go that extra mile and it’s not uncommon to see doggie Darth Vader’s or Harry Potters on four legs during Halloween!

Knit a Sweater

Knit a Sweater. (Instagram)

It can get cold out there, and at times really cold and you don’t want your dog to feel the effects of harsh weather. Something very lovely and bonding can be to knit your dog a sweater to keep them warm during the winter. Why not do one for yourself! Nothing says proud dog owner than a matching sweater!

Dance with your dog

Dance with your dog. (YouTube)

Turn up the music and get down with your puppy! Dogs love a happy environment, and you can dance to your favorite tunes, your dog will love it! Shake that booty or move them hips, dog will be the perfect dance partner to tear down the house!

Doggie Photoshoot

Doggie Photoshoot. (Unsplash)

Make your dog the star and have a photographer take some professional photos of them! What a great memory to have than your dog’s best photoshoot ever! Many owners take the time to take some great pictures of their dogs to capture the moment forever!

Take the ultimate Christmas picture!

Take the ultimate Christmas picture! (Instagram)

Take a picture with your dog and send it out as a Christmas card! Show your friends and family just how special your dog is and get him in on a Christmas card!

Ride a convertible

Ride a convertible. (Google)

Drop that roof back and let your dog's ears fly as you drive down a lovely highway or street. Dogs love the breeze in their face and really enjoy riding in cars. If you live in Miami, you can rent a convertible for the day for as low as $100!

Play catch

Play catch (Google)

Seems simple, but it’s not, the most classic of games to play with your dog is catch! Take them to the park, throw a ball or frisbee and give them all the exercise they will need and enjoy the time you spend with them. Dogs love to catch, run, and play, so enjoy the experience.

Breakfast in bed?

Breakfast in bed? (Google)

Why not?! Celebrate their birthday or just have a special day by kicking it off in bed with your dog! Have a french toast and just enjoy the morning sun in bed with your puppy! It’s a unique experience that most dog owners are doing! In some cases, your dog spends much of their time on your bed so why not make it special!?

Take your dog to a nursing home

Take your dog to a nursing home. (Google)

Taking your dog to a nursing home and have him give joy to people in the golden years of their lives. Many dog owners are sharing their puppies' love by giving older people a chance to play and enjoy themselves with the love your dog has to offer!

Turn your dog to an influencer!

Turn your dog to an influencer! (UnSplash)

Open an Instagram account for your dog and let the world see just how cool he/she is! Many owners give their dogs a moment in the spotlight by posting their doggie in action! Who knows your dog might attract a brand and become the next social media influencer!

The ultimate thrill!

The ultimate thrill! (Instagram)

Skydive with your dog! Yes, that's an actual thing! Many dog owners are scratching off items on their bucket list with their four-legged friends. So, get on a plane and drop from 10,000 feet with your best friend! It will be an experience both of you will not forget!

Agility training

Agility training. (Google)

Take your dog to train on an agility course, which has become the best way to train with your dog as they run through a series of courses and obstacles. Your dog won’t go at it alone as they go through each obstacle and courses with their owner, so it’s a team sport!

Catch a game! In person! 

Take me out to the ball game! (MLB)

Yes, this is really happening! You can now take your dog to a sporting event under special circumstances! So major league sports teams allow up to a certain number of mascots to attend games, considering certain special permissions. So next time you want to see your favorite team, take your dog along!

Run a marathon! 

Run a marathon!  (Google)

Many dog owners run the ultimate endurance test with their dogs, dogs love to run, and they love to test themselves as well. So why not run a marathon with your pooch? Can you imagine completing the New York City marathon with your dog, what an experience that will last a lifetime!

Dog Tug of War

Dog Tug of War. (Google)

If you are indoors, dogs love to play tug of war, enjoy some quality time inside the house with a game of tug. It will test your dog's resistance and it will test your patience when they don't want to stop!

Train your dog at home using online classes

Train your dog at home using online classes. (Google)

Again, stuck at home? Use that extra time to train your dog and do online courses. During the pandemic instructors are helping dog owners train their pets to be obedient and not use the living room as a potty.

Rollerblading Dog

Rollerblading Dog. (Instagram)

Yes, this is a thing, dogs that wear roller blades and hit the streets! You and your dog can do it together and enjoy a nice time out! Even try to race each other! Now that would be a sight!

Singing with your dog 

Singing with your dog. (Google)

Dogs love to sing. And if you play music in your house and sing your dog is more than likely to join you. So give it a try and see how far you and your dog can hit a high note! You’ll be surprised just how in sync your dog is!

Let your dog play with the sprinklers

Let your dog play with the sprinklers. (Google)

It’s been a long hot summer, and when the sprinklers come on more than likely your dog will want to play with the water. Dogs love sprinkler systems, and usually drink, leap, or play with the spraying water.

Go camping

Go camping. (Google)

Take your dog camping, enjoy nature to the fullest and walk a trail with your dog. Dogs can be really important for these kinds of trips as their sense of smell can help you find food or get back to the tent if you get lost.

Go to a farm

Go to a farm. (Instagram)

Dogs love other animals, and going to a farm could be a great way for your dog to interact and run around all day. Farms usually allow dog tours, and let dogs play with other animals. Imagine seeing your pup chasing a cow!

Join a Dog Group

Dog Group. (Google)

There are groups of people that get together to take their dogs out for a walk, play, or socialize. It’s a great way for you and your dog to meet people and not do everything alone.

Get Married 

Dogs get married too. (Google)

Many couples are now getting married not only with their partners but their partner’s dog as well. Also, you can marry your dog as well! So, say I do with your four-legged friends!

Enroll in a dog show 

Enroll in a dog show. (Google)

If you feel your dog has what it takes, you can enroll them into a dog show. This should only be reserved for dogs that truly have learned tricks and can walk without much direction. If your dog is a cut above the rest, then see if you can win the big show.

Just love your dog

Dogs love to lick faces. (Google)

You can do so many things with your dog, but the most important thing you can do is to show them you love them. Let them lick your face, pet them, always show them they are important to you. Loving a dog is good for them and good for you.