These TV shows have been or will soon be canceled (Photo: Insider).


Canceled TV shows: 25 series that will be off the air

These TV shows have been or soon will be canceled.

These TV shows have been or will soon be canceled (Photo: Insider).

These TV shows have been or will soon be canceled (Photo: Insider).

There are many TV shows across different networks and streaming platforms, which people tune in to watch. However, several shows get canceled each season either because the series did not have high ratings on air or it did not have anymore story points and would just come to a conclusion.

Either way, the TV audience is what drives the shows and can determine how long a series can run on television and streaming platforms. There are some TV shows which have just recently been cancelled or will soon be off air.

So buckle up as we present to you 25 TV shows which have either been or soon will be canceled.

25. Spinning Out

The series did not have consistent ratings (Photo: Insider).

The series is a drama about a female figure skater whose sidelined from her Olympic dreams by injury and decides to partner with a bad-boy figure skater as they harbor altering secrets.

Although the series attempted tacking mental illness in a nuance way, the show did not get high ratings and was canceled after one season.

24. The Rook

The show had low ratings (Getty).

This intense spy drama based on a novel, which has the same name, had high expectations when it was released.

In spite of the expectations, the show had low ratings and would be immediately canceled after only one season.

23. Sunnyside

Kal Penn is the main character in the series (Getty).

Kal Penn stars in the series as a newly elected councilman. However, instead of helping the people who elected him, he is seduced by the dirty side of politics.

Although there was a lot of hype about the show, it had low ratings and would be canceled after only one season on air.

22. Ambitions

The cast of Ambitions (Getty).

This legal series, which stars Robin Givens as a ruthless legal attorney, aired on Oprah Winfrey's channel known as OWN.

However, it did not get high ratings and the show was removed from Oprah’s network after only one season.

21. Insatiable

Debby Ryan takes part in the show (Photo: Insider).

This series stars Debby Ryan, who is bullied for her weight and has her mouth wired shut after being assaulted. After losing weight, she begins exacting revenger on bullies.

However, the show was controversial from the beginning and there was even a petition wanting the show be removed. As expected, the series was canceled after two seasons.

20. Broke

The series ratings were not enough (Photo: Insider).

This comedy series is about a single mother and bartender whose rich sister and brother-in-law move into her house after his father cuts them off.

Although the show had great potential, it was canceled after only one season on air as a result of low ratings.

19. Single Parents

The show had low ratings (Photo: Insider).

This series is a single-camera sitcom about a group of single parents who have small children and show what their activities look like.

Despite airing on ABC and enjoying initial success, the show’s ratings were not consistent and was canceled after two seasons.

18. Next in Fashion   

The show had low ratings (Photo: Insider).

This fashion competition series would see designers fight for a grand prize and sell their designs at luxury retail sight Net-a-Porter.

Despite the hype and expectations, the show did not get high ratings and would be canceled after only a season on air.

17. Outmatched

The show did not have consistent ratings (Getty).

This comedy, which is led by Jason Biggs, is about a blue-collar family whose children are known as certified geniuses.

Despite the expectations, the show received very low ratings and was immediately canceled after only a season on air.

16. Schooled 

The series is a reboot of the show The Goldbergs (Photo: Insider).

This series aired on the ABC network and is a high school comedy, which is a direct spin-off of the show The Goldbergs.

However, despite the high expectations, the series did not have great ratings or interest among the TV audience, and was canceled after two season.

15. Kids Say the Darndest Things

The show had low ratings (Photo: Insider).

The famous comedy show hosted by Bill Cosby was rebooted, with the new series being hosted by actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish.

However, the show did not receive the high rating it had expected to get and would be canceled after only one season on air.

14. Sweetbitter

The cast of Sweetbitter (Getty).

This drama, which is based on Stephanie Danler’s best-selling novel, had a great first season and was renewed for another one.

However, despite high expectations, the second season would be disappointing and the show was immediately canceled.

13. Corporate

Matt Ingebrtson and Jake Weisman are the main protagonists (Photo: Insider).

This twisted comedy stars Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman who get hired at a multi-national corporation where they do most of the work.

Although the series has high expections, the show did not have consistent ratings since airing and was canceled after three seasons.

12. Goliath

Billy Bob Thornton is the main character in the show (Photo: Insider).

The series is a legal drama which stars Billy Bob Thornton as an attorney who takes on an aerospace giant, which is defended by a powerful law firm.

Although the show has had consistent ratings and success since airing, the series would be canceled after four season.

11. Future Man

Josh Hutcherson is the main character in the series (Photo: Insider).

This sci-fi comedy series stars Josh Hutcherson as an underachieving janitor whose world is rocked when he is needed to save the planet.

Although the show enjoyed initial success, its ratings have not been consistent and the series was canceled after three seasons on air.

10. Fuller House

The series is a reboot of the famous sitcom Full House (Photo: Insider).

Netflix rebooted the famous ‘90s sitcom, Full House, and the new modernized version enjoyed great ratings and success.

However, despite the show being great in its new version, the show would be canceled from the air after five seasons.

9. Man With a Plan  

Matt LeBlac is the main character in the series (Photo: Insider).

The series stars former Friends actor, Matt LeBlanc, who plays a contractor and must take charge of his house after his wife gets a job.

Although the show enjoyed great ratings and success, CBS decided to cancel the series after being on air four seasons.

8. Henry Danger

The main character of the Henry Danger series (Getty).

This child comedy series was on Nickelodeon about an action pack superhero fighting crime and helping those in need.

However, despite having consistent ratings and enjoying great success, it was canceled after being on the air five seasons.

7. Claw

Niecy Nash, Carrie Peston, and Karrueche Tran take part in the series (Photo: Insider).

This drama series stars Niecy Nash as the owner of a nail salon. With her staff, which include Carrie Peston and Karrueche Tran, they get involved in a life of crime.

Although the series has had great ratings and success, the show would be canceled after being on the air four seasons.

6. The Magicians

The series did have great ratings and success (Photo: Glamour). 

This fantasy series, which is based on a novel, follows students at an elite university who teach students to be magicians.

Although the show aired five seasons on the SYFY channel and enjoyed great ratings, it was decided the show would be canceled.

5. Vikings

The series had great ratings and there could even be a spin-off (Photo: Glamour). 

This historical drama enjoyed great ratings and success from the beginning, but has been canceled after six seasons on History Channel.

However, there are talks about making a potential spin-off series of some sort, but nothing is confirmed about when it could air.

4. Ray Donovan 

Liev Shrieber is the main character in the series (Photo: Insider).

This drams aired on Showtime and starred Liev Shrieber as the main character whose roles was to fix the problems of some of the most powerful people.

However, despite having great rating and success, the series was abruptly canceled after being on the air seven seasons.

3. The Affair 

The cast of The Affair (Getty).

This show is a provocative and dramatic series which explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship on all people involved.

It had great ratings as the audience enjoyed seeing this psychological drama, but would be canceled after five seasons.

2. Bojack Horseman

The series won an Emmy (Photo: Insider.)

This satirical cartoon series, which is about a wash-up actor with a anthropomorphic horse planning his return, has appeared on several “best animated TV shows ever” rankings.

Despite being an Emmy-winning series and having great ratings, the show was canceled by Netflix after six seasons on air.

1. Strike Back

The series had great ratings and sucess (Photo: Insider).

This show was on Cinemax and scripted as a drama where a covert special ops group fought criminal and terrorist activity.

However, after being on air eight seasons, which saw great ratings and success, Cinemax decided to cancel the series.


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