Tiny Houses are not just a fad, they are a way of life, as many people begin to adopt a “less is more” lifestyle, tiny houses, as they are called, have become a different alternative to homeowners looking to have comfort and privacy.

Some of the reasons that Tiny Houses are so “in” right now comes down to three key elements: cost, comfort, and lifestyle choice. An average tiny house could cost about $23,000, when considering that an average home can start at around $200,000, a tiny house becomes extremely cost effective. Add to it that some tiny houses are R.V.’s and you can live virtually anywhere you want. Here are 25 Tiny Houses that are absolutely amazing! 

25. Remodeled sheds

Remodeled sheds (Pinterest)

Paige Morse of Dallas took two 100-year-old sheds and renovated them into a comfortable home. The Tiny House has two rooms and is 250 square feet, there are various windows and lovely panels all along the house. Truly a cozy home.

24. The Treehouse

The Treehouse (Pinterest)

How does a home in the woods sound? This lovely treehouse has a living room, work area, and bedroom. It’s the perfect compact house in the middle of the woods. The lovely porch allows the homeowner to crack a beer or read a book and just enjoy their surroundings.

23. Living on wheels

Living on Wheels (Pinterest)

This lovely farmhouse on wheels has a sleeping loft, bathroom, living space, kitchen, and laundry. What makes this tiny home unique is that it provides the homeowner the chance to turn on the engine and take a road trip and you don’t even need to pack.

22. A Tiny House in the snow

A tiny house in the snow (Pinterest)

This lovely country tiny house is the creation of Amand Robinson, a blogger, and member of a family of four. The house has just what they need, nothing more, nothing less. Robinson traded city life for the vast country, as you can see, space is not an issue.

21. An elevated Cabin

Elevated Cabin (Pinterest)

Here is another treehouse cabin, but does it really look tiny? It is, and what a view! The house has everything you will need inside and outside, which is where the fun is at, there are hammocks, chairs, slides, I mean you can lose yourself with the view and the outdoors.

20. A musician's dream

A musician's dream (Pinterest)

This tiny house has been molded to be a musician’s dream! The deck serves as a stage and the house has an actual giant working amp, so you don’t even have to book a gig, bring the gig to your house. The house has all the basics plus a working studio. Sit back and just enjoy the music.

19. The glass triangle

Glass House (Pinterest)

This tiny house has a glass roof for impeccable sunlight to enter the house and keep you warm on those cold days. The house is also solar powered and at just 80- square feet, it was built for the grand total of just $700.

18. The dream beach house

South American Beach house (Portal del Diablo)

This beach cabin in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, has the comfort you need to enjoy a few days at the beach. The house has a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The deck includes space for chairs to enjoy the view of the beach.

17. All in one house

The trailor house (Pinterest)

Looks small right, well, this tiny house includes a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. At only 100 square feet, everything you need is properly laid out in this house. You can literally hook it up to your car and go anywhere and take your home with you.

16. The container

The container (Pinterest)

This shipping container was transformed into a farmhouse, with a wooden front and panel exterior the house includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom space. Containers have become the go-to skeleton for many first-time tiny homes.

15. Mobile color

House of Color (Pinterest)

This colorful tiny house is really two mobile trailers that have been united into a 400- square-foot home that is connected by the deck. The house has everything from kitchen, living, bedroom, and serving window so you can eat while outdoors.

14. Greenhouse on the go

Greenhouse (Pinterest)

This lovely greenhouse tiny home has a porch and wooden exterior. The greenhouse is attachable, but even with or without the greenhouse the home is comfortable and evenly spaced to enjoy the outdoors.

13. The Bungalow

The Bungalow (Pinterest)

This Bungalow is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has a pine and cedar interior, a loft ladder and many custom features. With a lovely side porch and perfectly placed windows the house gets all the sunlight it needs.

12. Tiny House by the water

The tiny house by the water (Pinterest)

This lovely tiny house that is floating on the water is a 240- square-foot cabin. The house was built on a plastic flotation foundation, Styrofoam, and pontoons. The house includes a shower, kitchen, and a resting area.

11. The all-American Cottage

All-American house (Pinterest)

This lovely beach cottage in St. George Island in Florida has been built to withstand hurricane winds! The floors are made from bamboo, and it includes a loft space. In total the cottage is 325-square feet and can accommodate up to four people. The American flags give it a lovely touch of Americana!

10. A hidden treasure

A hidden treasure (Pinterest)

This tiny house has everything you need to live a comfortable life! The windows are big so you can get the best view possible as well as a space that serves as a storage for a canoe. It’s the perfect getaway house to just enjoy nature like never before.

9. Rustic pleasure

Rustic home (Pinterest)

This rustic tiny home only measures at 12 by 18 feet. The house has beautiful windows, a sleeping area, kitchen, and a rustic design to take you back in time. The main window sells the house as you have a lot of sunlight that enters the home.

8. Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder (Pinterest)

This tropical treehouse is 250-square-feet and has a view of the beach in Hawaii’s surfing area. The house has a kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping area and can house as many as three people. The house is a place to stay, it was built to enjoy the outdoors! So, grab your surfboard and get out there!

7. Rainbow home

Rainbow house (Instagram)

This little trailer turned home has a rainbow 24/7. The tiny house has a living quarter and can be taken anywhere anytime. The homeowner can just look out front and see the rainbow to light up a gray day.

6. Yellow trailer

A small yellow house (Pinterest)

This lovely Oregon tiny home is located in Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. The yellow color makes it hard to miss and the lovely outdoor table makes it a comfortable place to live and eat and enjoy the community.

5. School Daze

School bus home (Pinterest)

This school bus was converted into a tiny home, with all the proper living quarters and beautiful front entrance. Every area of the bus was given a purpose and if you want to hit the road you can! 

4. California Bungalow

California Bungalow (Pinterest)

This cottage stands at 970 square feet, the house has a spacious front yard and has everything one can need to raise a family in a tiny house. It’s one of the bigger models out there but every space serves a purpose.

3. The Crib

The Crib (Pinterest)

The house is inspired by a corn crib, the house can be customized to be different sizes and has a lovely porch to enjoy the day or night skies. The house has a large living room and sleeping area. A perfect getaway house.

2. Bus on the move

The bus house (AFP)

This lovely bus turned into a wooden home has a spacious living area and a lot of windows along the top that keep the house cool or warm. If you ever want to take your home on the road, turn on the engine and get traveling!

1. Romantic getaway

A romantic getaway house (Cronista)

This French style cabin is a train wagon turned tiny home. It’s ideal for a romantic getaway. The house is made from wood and has all the accommodations to enjoy a romantic weekend. This house is also located near the woods so the quest can enjoy nature hikes.