You know what they say: Offense wins game and defense wins championships. That has often been the trend in the NFL. However, nowadays the rules and coaching styles often favor more offensive-minded teams.

Throughout the course of history, we've witnessed some incredibly exciting high-scoring affairs. Obviously, the coaches may not be as satisfied  as the fans are during those matchups, as allowing 5+ touchdowns in one game is by no means good, even if you end up winning.

But not even the most explosive offenses in the league had been able to enter the ranks of the highest scores in the history of football, so today, we'll honor those who pulled it off by letting you know about the largest scores in NFL history.

Top 5 Largest Scores In NFL History

5. New York Giants (49) vs. New Orleans Saints (52) — 2015 — 101 Points
4. Houston Oilers (49) vs. Oakland Raiders (52)— 1963 — 101 Points
3. Kansas City Chiefs (51) vs. Los Angeles Rams (54) — 2018 — 105 Points
2. Cincinnati Bengals (58) vs. Cleveland Browns (48) — 2004 —106 Points

The Highest Scoring NFL Game Ever: Washington Redskins (72) vs. New York Giants (41) 

Needless to say, this epic game deserves a section of its own, as no other pair of teams has even come close to the 113 combined points the Washington Redskins and New York Giants scored in 1966.

Even though the Giants scored a bunch of points and people may think that they stood a chance to beat the Redskins, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Washington led from start to finish and entered the fourth quarter with a 48-28 advantage.

The 72 points scored by the Redskins are also the second-highest total a single team has ever scored, trailing only the legendary 1940 Chicago Bears and the 73 points they scored (vs. the Redskins, ironically) in the NFL Championship game.

To make things even funnier, the Washington Redskins scored 10 of the combined 16 touchdowns of the game, yet starting quarterback Sonny Jurgensen was only responsible for 145 yards and three touchdowns.