Well, it didn't take long before Chase Claypool confirmed what everybody thought when the Pittsburgh Steelers took him in the second round of the NFL Draft: He's pretty damn good and will be for a very, very long time.

With his Calvin Johnson-type of frame, Claypool is already one of the biggest, strongest, and most athletic receivers in the league. He can literally bully his way into the endzone as he always has a size advantage over his defender.

And now, according to NBC Sports, he's already set the standard for what a rookie wide receiver should do, breaking a record during the Steelers' Week 11 win over the sluggish Jacksonville Jaguars.

Chase Claypool Scores 10th Touchdown Of The Season, Breaks NFL Record

According to the report, Chase Claypool is now the first rookie in the Super Bowl era to score at least 10 touchdown passes through the first 10 games of his career. The fact that no one had done this before is simply astonishing.

Moreover, the Pittsburgh Steelers have never lost a game in which Claypool has scored a touchdown, and while both streaks are likely coming to an end pretty soon, it's still a fun story to follow.

People don't give the Steelers enough credit for their immaculate 10-0 record as they haven't faced many winning teams and have rarely won games for double digits but hey, you just can't demeanor a 10-0 team.

And now that Ben Roethlisberger has found his more reliable weapon in a very long time in Chase Claypool, the Steelers might as well mess around and make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

Thus far, the standout rookie out of Notre Dame has been not only the best rookie receiver in the league but also one of the best wideouts overall, piling up 39 receptions for 559 yards (14.3 YPC) with 8 receiving touchdowns, while adding 9 rushes for 22 yards and 2 scores.