The Seahawks stopped the Patriots at the one-yard line. (Getty)


Patriots Bill Belichick's explanation for the final play vs Seahawks is pure gold

The New England Patriots were on the verge of upsetting the Seattle Seahakws on the road on Sunday Night Football but fell short and Bill Belichick's explanation about it was epic.


The Seahawks stopped the Patriots at the one-yard line. (Getty)

The Seahawks stopped the Patriots at the one-yard line. (Getty)

The Sunday Night Football game between Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots became an instant NFL classic. Russell Wilson and Cam Newton went toe-to-toe for a 35-30 shootout and Bill Belichick's team was one play - and one yard - away from getting a huge upset on the road.

The Patriots trailed by 11 points entering the fourth-quarter and, against all odds, we saw vintage Cam Newton all night long. He was aggressive on the ground and didn't hesitate to take shots downfield as well, finishing with 447 yards and 3 total touchdowns, silencing his critics and proving that he's still got a lot left in the tank.

Shockingly, the Pats were right on the one-yard line with no time left in the clock and right about to win the game, but the Seahawks held their own and prevented the former MVP from getting his third rushing touchdown of the night. Later on, Bill Belichick explained the logic behind the play-call and it was pure gold.


@seahawks win on a GOAL LINE STAND! #NEvsSEA

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Bill Belichick gave hilarious explanation for the final play vs Seahawks

“It was about what you would think it would be. We had one play to score and we tried to go with what we thought was our best play. What else is there to think about,” the legendary head coach told the media.

That was Bill Belichick at its finest. I mean, what else is there to read into it? He needed one yard and had one of the best rushing quarterbacks of all time under center. How would you not try that? We've seen that happen over and over.

Ironically, the Seattle Seahawks were on the losing end of that very same situation on Super Bowl XLIX when Pete Carroll had Marshawn Lynch on his team but decided to throw the ball at the one-yard line. It's funny how things turn out.


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