Odell Beckham Jr is currently sidelined but that hasn’t prevented the Cleveland Browns wide receiver from having a good time. He turned 28 and he celebrated in Miami, demonstrating that not even an ACL injury can’t stop him. 

Beckham sustained the injury two weeks ago against the Bengals, ending his 2020/21 NFL season prematurely, leaving the door open for any kind of rumor about his future. He’s not worried about it right now, and OBJ is making sure to live his best life. 

He attended David Grutman’s Komodo restaurant in South Beach with his girlfriend Lauren Wood and some friends, rocking a knee brace that matched his outfit very well. 

Odell Beckham rocks a knee brace 

OBJ posted a picture on Instagram showing his outfit with the knee brace captioning it with “28 at midnight, wonder what’s next for me..” This might be a hint of what he wants to do with his career next. Beckham wants to compete and he hasn’t been able to do so in his last seasons with the Giants and during his tenure with the Cleveland Browns. 

Beckham could have hinted at what’s next for him. Several reports place him out of the Browns but it’s unclear where he will go next. After an ACL, his value might have dropped but OBJ is confident he can still be successful in the league. 

His time with the Browns appears to have ended and nothing can stop that.