It seems like every time that an athlete says something, the fans are right there to blow it out of proportion and create something out of nothing, especially when it comes to Odell Beckham Jr, one of the most controversial figures around the NFL.

Beckham has been linked with a move out of the Cleveland Browns from the very second the New York Giants sent him to Ohio. In fact, there were reports claiming that OBJ told opposing players to "come get him" when the Browns were struggling last season.

Cleveland has made it clear that they have no intention whatsoever of moving him as they see him as a building block for the future, even though he's yet to develop nice chemistry on the field with Baker Mayfield.

Odell Beckham Jr Says He Has No Animosity Towards The Dallas Cowboys

OBJ was used to being in the other end of the gridiron during his tenure with the New York Giants when the Dallas Cowboys were a divisional rival. However, the Cowboys are his family's team and his parents still live in Texas thus he says there's absolutely no animosity towards the team:

"All of my family grew up in Texas so they are all huge Cowboy fans. It has always been kind of a funny story with them as far as being in New York and them being in Dallas. I do not have any animosity, hate or rivalry with them," Beckham said.

Many people around the league believe that, should OBJ make a move, the Cowboys or New Orleans Saints (from his days at Louisiana) would be his preferred destinations, so this statement immediately fueled yet more rumors about his future.

Odell Beckham Jr Lauds AT&T Stadium

It that wasn't enough, OBJ raved about the 'incredible environment' at AT&T Stadium and just how much he loves to play there. Then again, people could be reading more into it than what it really is.

The truth is that Beckham will be under contract with the Browns until 2023 but he could force a move out of the team if they don't get him more involved in the offense. Through three weeks, he's only got 13 receptions and 1 touchdown.