The internet is a wild place. They will leave no stone unturned when it comes to meticulously investigate every single aspect of the life of a celebrity. And when you're as famous as Odell Beckham Jr, not even your fetishes are private.

The Cleveland Browns' superstar was minding his own business and focused on getting ready to start the 2020 NFL season this Sunday when all of a sudden, his name was all over the internet, and not for the best reasons.

Turns out that Instagram model Erica Early opened up on the 'Th*ts next door' Podcast about Odell Beckham Jr's bizarre fetish, claiming that the former New York Giants' wideout likes to be pooped on:

"Yeah, he loves to be sh*tted on. Ok, that was my first time ever. I have never thought -- I actually couldn't sh*t. That was something like -- I'm wild, I can do some freak a** h*e sh*t. But the sh*t part, you can't actually do that to me like 'sh*t on me'. Ok, he wanted me to come on the plane and he was like 'make sure you don't have any underwear, don't take a shower for 24 hours' and I'm like 'damn, what the f*ck are you on?' but he was like 'take a picture of you sh*tting' so I was like 'a'ight, I can do that' and I took a video and I sent it to him, I made it as sexy as possible", said the model.

Not every day people find out that one of the best players in the NFL is into that kind of thing and while we're not the ones to judge anybody for what they do on the confines of the bedroom, the internet surely had a lot to say about it.

Funniest memes and reactions from Odell Beckham Jr's bizarre fetish

Odell Beckham Jr addresses the rumors with a hilarious caption on an Instagram post

OBJ didn't shy away from the rumors and even took it to his Instagram account to let everybody know that he was listening and watching: "Can’t knock me off my pivot... no matter what shxts thrown my way", he said. It's nice to know that, truth or not, even he can have a laugh about it.