Diego Maradona was one of the most influential sportsmen of all time with all the impressive things he did on the football pitch and his antics and controversies when he wasn’t playing soccer. 

Diego became a legend in his sports, but he also inspired a lot of people from other disciplines to look for greatness the same way he did. Maradona also showed his admiration for other athletes throughout his life, especially NBA players, who always enchanted the 1986 FIFA World Cup champion. 

Last year, Diego joined TyC Sports’ “Líbero” to discuss a variety of topics. When asked about the NBA, he didn’t hesitate to talk about his favorite players, naming his favorite three of all time and showing his knowledge of the sport. “I love basketball,” he said back in the day. 

Diego Maradona named his three favorite NBA players 

When asked what celebrity he couldn’t meet, he mentioned golf legend Tiger Woods and NBA All-Time great Michael Jordan, an icon of basketball and sports in general, just like Diego himself. 

"Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, even though they’re American. That’s not their fault,” he replied. 

Moreover, he named two more names, two of the best players of our generations that have left a big mark on the game, LeBron James and Stephen Curry. The King and Chef Curry have gone at it several times, enchanting fans around the world. Maradona, curiously, was one of those. 

“I have fun watching LeBron James and Stephen Curry,” Maradona added. 

Diego always enjoyed watching sports. You could see them supporting the Argentina national team in basketball, Argentine tennis players and more. Diego was a man of sports and he never hesitated to show his passion for his teams. 

The world will certainly miss one of the greatest personalities we’ve seen in sports.