Believe it or not, Diego Maradona was an avid NBA fan and his fanaticism for basketball dates from long before we could even imagine. At the time his career was finishing, Diego was seeing the NBA and learning more about the sports, even becoming a supporter of one team. 

Just like people know about him and what he did during his life, Diego knew a lot about the NBA, looking up to Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls while he became a fan of another franchise in the association. 

Last year, during an interview, Diego revealed a big coincidence regarding Manu Ginobili and his NBA team. Maradona revealed he was a fan of the San Antonio Spurs even before his fellow countryman landed in the team in 2003.

Diego Maradona revealed the San Antonio Spurs were his favorite NBA team

Maradona explained in an interview with “Líbero” that he was a San Antonio Spurs fan long before Manu arrived in the city from Italy. For Diego, it was Tim Duncan and David Robinson who made them a fan of the 5-time NBA champions. 

“I was a Spurs supporter before Manu (Ginobili) came; when the Twin Towers were there, Tim Duncan and the admiral David Robinson,” Diego said. 

Duncan and Robinson won two titles together, creating one of the best associations in the league at the time. When Manu landed in Texas, he won four championships with the team, becoming part of the best Big 3s in NBA history alongside Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. 

Ginobili developed a great relationship with Maradona and his message after the latter’s death sums up how much Diego meant for him and the rest of the Argentine people. Diego left a huge mark on the world, something that will never change.