Before the ending of the NBA season, plenty of fans were wondering what was going to happen with Bronny James once his father, LeBron James, arrived at home after finishing his campaign with the newly-crowned NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, it looks like we’ve found an answer to that question, thanks to NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver was expected to share a live stream with Bronny on Twitch, playing Warzone with the young baller on Wednesday night, but LeBron James’ eldest son never showed up. 

Somebody mentioned that to OBJ during the streaming and his response was pure gold. ‘I wonder why,’ he simply said while laughing. Bronny has been the subject of memes and jokes around the NBA community since he appeared on video smoking a blunt of marijuana a couple of weeks ago. NBA fans started wondering what was going to happen with the now 16-year-old once LeBron came home and it seems like the King took care of things and disciplined his son. 

Bronny’s weed incident

A couple of weeks ago, while his dad was still playing ball in the bubble, Bronny ‘accidentally’ uploaded a video of himself smoking what appeared to be a blunt of weed on Instagram stories. The video was quickly taken down from the account but fans were quicker to save it for eternity. 

During his birthday, fans started trolling him and his father for this incident, wondering and speculating about his fate once the King was back at home. Well, it seems like he’s grounded now; left Odell Beckham hanging and nobody knows when Bronny is going to make his return to social media. 

As for LeBron, he will celebrate his fourth championship. This has been one of the best external stories that took place during the bubble and this won’t probably be the last time we hear about Bronny and his infamous incident. 

Odell, on the other hand, wasn't safe from controversy, either, as he recently made the headlines for having one of the oddest fetishes known to date. But hey, that's his business.