Ever since he made it to the league three seasons ago, a lot of people have questioned whether Kyle Kuzma has what it takes to become a star in the Los Angeles Lakers. The years have gone by and he continues to be a subject of controversies around the NBA.

Kyle Kuzma's rookie season was impressive. He was clearly the best young player on the Lakers' roster and looked poised to become a star, even if the team was struggling. Then, he slightly improved during his sophomore year.

However, Kuzma's regression during his third season in the league made a lot of people wonder if he was actually worthy of a big deal, all the media attention he got, and more importantly, all the talking he did.

LeBron James Says Kyle Kuzma Will Have A Breakout Year Next Season

That's why there are plenty of doubts regarding Kuzma's future. He's entering the last year of his rookie deal and will reportedly look for quite a lucrative contract in the offseason. That means that he could price himself out of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Notably, LeBron James is betting on him to prove that he's worthy of a big payday, as he recently said that he believes that he's the player that's bound to take the bigger leap in the NBA next season.

Needless to say, that puts a lot of pressure on Kuzma's shoulders. He won't want to let The King down after getting his stamp of approval, especially on a season that could define how much he'll get paid for the next four or five years.

Kuzma is still pretty young and has the physical tools to be a great third option on a contending team - at worst. He just needs to play more and talk less and he'll prove the doubters wrong.