Well, you know what they say: The rich get richer. That's what's happening with the defending NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers, as they've been the biggest winners of the offseason thus far.

The Lakers have been used to having nothing but the best players on earth on their ranks but over the past 5 or 6 years, they weren't much of a prime destination for free agents looking to compete for a ring.

Unsurprisingly, LeBron James' presence changed that right away and now the purple and gold are once again a highly coveted franchise, as they proved by pulling off two amazing signings and one huge trade.

LeBron James Reacts To The Additions Of Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell & Wesley Matthews

The Los Angeles Lakers had already pulled off a solid trade for Oklahoma City Thunder's Dennis Schroder and now put the cherry on top of the sundae by landing 3-and-D veteran Wesley Matthews and reigning Sixth Man of the Year Montrezl Harrell.

Needless to say, LeBron James was beyond himself and didn't hesitate to take it to social media to let everybody know how he felt about these additions, welcoming the new 'dogs' to the team.

The King wants to silence his doubters. (via KingJames)
LeBron is hyped. (via KingJames)

The Lakers did an outstanding job at landing tough, physical competitors that can certainly help them go back-to-back. They lost Dwight Howard but added an outstanding rebounder and more importantly, they lured him away from the competition.

Obviously, LeBron's haters will use this once again as a knock on him and his legacy, claiming that he runs Klutch Sports, that he's the team's General Manager, that he always needs help to win, and never-ending etcetera.

At the end of the day, I don't think The King is going to care about what people say about him, especially if those moves help him win his 5th ring after 18 seasons. As of now, the Lakers are the team to beat, and it's not even close.