Even though he's repeatedly stated that he's looking at all his options and that 'he doesn't have a team yet', everybody knows that is just a matter of time before Anthony Davis announces that he's coming back to the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis were the most efficient and productive duo in the league throughout the whole season and The Brow lived up to the task by leading the Lakers to their first NBA championship in a decade.

Also, both LeBron and Davis are represented by Rich Paul and Klutch Sports, and there's just no way that he's going to let his client walk away from the purple and gold after just one season at the Staples Center.

However, Davis is reportedly taking his time to consider the length and conditions of his new deal with the Lakers, as he could either sign a 5-year deal or try and adapt his new contract to LeBron James' timeline.

Danny Green Posts Pic Of Anthony Davis In Lakers Gear, Then Deletes It

That's why it seems like former Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Danny Green will have to buy Anthony Davis dinner the next time he's in town, as he accidentally leaked what everybody knows already: he's going back to the Lakers.

Green posted an Instagram story congratulating Davis on his new deal - while wearing Lakers gear - pretty much implying that it was a done deal already despite AD's attempts to convince people otherwise.

Truth be told, it would be wise for Davis to just sign a deal that fits LeBron James' contract so he can explore free agency again once The King decides to retire or leave the franchise, rather than commiting for 5 years right away. Whatever the case may be, it seems like we're going to see a lot of The Brow at LA for many years to come.