Well, so long for the Boston Celtics' chances of winning an NBA championship in the foreseeable future, as they've been yet another victim of the infamous 'Kardashian Curse' that has taken so many careers in the league recently.

Canadian big man Tristan Thompson recently reached an agreement to join the Celtics on a 2-year, $19-million deal after becoming a free agent, which means that he, Khloé Kardashian, and their daughter are moving away from Cleveland.

And, now that his sister-in-law Kim Kardashian has shown her excitement for this new stage of his career, Cetlcis fans are already pretty worried about how their presence could affect their performance next season.

They're Cursed: Kim Kardashian Says She'll Support The Boston Celtics After They Signed Tristan Thompson

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Tristan Thompson wearing Boston Celtics threads and even let everybody know that they'll be in attendance at the TD Garden to root for him, therefore, the Celtics are now cursed beyond repair.

For those who don't know about the Kardashian Curse, the thing is that every single NBA player who's dated one of the Kardashian-Jenners has either suffered an injury or his career or team has taken a major and sudden downfall.

We've seen this from Jordan Clarkson (traded), Blake Griffin (several injuries), Lamar Odom (injuries, drugs, alcohol, nearly died), Khris Humphries (bad performance), Ben Simmons (bad performance), Kyle Kuzma (bad performance), and the aforementioned Tristan Thompson, whose game took a dip since he started dating Klhoé Kardashian.

Obviously, the former Cleveland Cavaliers big man will provide the Celtics the interior presence and rebounding they've craved for years and that could be just enough to get them over the hump once and for all. However, Danny Ainge didn't take into account that there's nothing you can do to beat the ultimate jynx: the Kardashian Curse.