James Harden is part of Brooklyn Nets now after spending the last nine years of his career with Houston Rockets. It wasn’t a smooth exit for the Beard, but that’s the way things are done in the league sometimes and nobody can change that. 

Harden called out his teammates and that didn’t sit well with others, who replied to the shooting guard. They worked on a solution and now the player is gone, headed to Brooklyn to create the newest Big 3 in the NBA with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. 

Even though it wasn’t a smooth exit, Harden and the Rockets shared a lot of things and both parties wanted to end this whole situation the best way, which is exactly what they did, exchanging touching messages on social media. 

Houston Rockets say goodbye to James Harden with an epic video 

It all started with the Rockets on Thursday, when they shared a video with all the memories James Harden left on the team. He won several scoring titles, one MVP award and was really close to making it to the Finals at some point, but the bad luck prevented him from making more history with the team. 

James Harden says goodbye to Houston Rockets with a heartfelt post 

A couple of hours later, Harden returned the courtesy to the Rockets, sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram, remembering all the good things he lived in H-Town, thanking the city and the team for all the great moments. 

“What can I write? What words can convey all the ways I feel. Houston you welcomed me with no guarantees. Took a leap of faith and it changed my life and the lives of my family forever. This organization, this city has given me everything I could ask for and more. Before the scoring titles long before MVP you believed. For that I am forever indebted. The city opened its arms and welcomed me and my family as one of its own and for that I am forever indebted. I gave my mind body and soul in hopes of bringing the glory to the city. I fell short and for that I am forever indebted. It’s far from a goodbye as I pay all my debts. TMC H Town!“

It was quite a journey for Harden in the Rockets but just like everything in life, it had to come to an end. Although it wasn’t the end that both parties wanted, all of that is part of the past. Harden is set to start a new chapter of his career in Brooklyn and the Rockets are ready to stand up and plan their future with John Wall showing the way now.