Chris Bosh (left) talks with LeBron James (right) during a Lakers-Raptors game. (Getty)


Chris Bosh makes shocking revelation about LeBron James, GOAT debate

Former LeBron James' teammate Chris Bosh reveals the Kings' true feelings about the GOAT debate and comparisons with Michael Jordan. 


Chris Bosh (left) talks with LeBron James (right) during a Lakers-Raptors game. (Getty)

Chris Bosh (left) talks with LeBron James (right) during a Lakers-Raptors game. (Getty)

Chris Bosh has given some privileged information about what LeBron James thinks of the whole GOAT debate. James has been compared to Michael Jordan ever since he became a famous face around the NBA world when he was still a teenager. 

James entered the league with big expectations and so far he’s succeeded in his NBA career, drawing more and more comparisons with Jordan, with the vast majority of their fans calling him the greatest player of all time. 

Chris Bosh, a former teammate of LeBron, decided to give his two pennies on this matter, making a bold revelation about James’ mindset with this whole discussion. James isn’t bothered by any GOAT honor, he just wants to win and let his accolades do the talk for him.

LeBron James doesn’t care about the GOAT title 

Bosh shared a lengthy piece where he talks about the difference between eras, how difficult it is to compare players from different times and the inspiration that players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird were for the next generations, leading Bosh to pursue a career in professional basketball. 

When talking about LeBron, the former big man said the King doesn’t care about being the greatest ever since he’s always trying to help his team before anything else.

One person who also doesn’t want to talk about GOATs? Bron himself. He’s been a team-first guy since Akron—that’s what makes him great. In almost every interview I see, he makes a point of saying that he doesn’t care about that conversation, that he couldn’t do what he does without his team, no matter where he’s playing. Kobe, too: “Let’s just enjoy each other’s greatness,” he said. I used to think people weren’t listening to those guys – the same players they were arguing over – but now I think they just don’t care.”

This debate has been recurrent in NBA circles in recent times. This year things have gotten another dimension after Michael Jordan premiered his ‘The Last Dance’ documentary and LeBron won his fourth NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

It doesn’t look like LeBron is too bothered about this discussion, but plenty of his fans are and they don’t hesitate to make the case for James. 


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