LeBron James' older son Bronny James is one of the biggest social media sensations right now. Being the son of one of the greatest players in NBA history, you know that he's got millions of people closely following his steps.

Bronny first gained a lot of traction on the internet when he accidentally posted a video smoking a joint. He was celebrating the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the Denver Nuggets and then alleged that he was hacked.

LeBron hasn't addressed that situation - and likely never will - but the internet just refuses to let go of that story. Needless to say, that means that they're always trying to get him to mess up again to get the memes going.

Bronny James Claims Stephen Curry Is His Father

That's why it wasn't a surprise to see thousands of people joining Bronny's Instagram live video just to see what he was up to. He was ready to get some shots up and started answering questions from his fans, some of them more aware than others.

Bronny hilariously trolled a fan that apparently didn't even know who he was. The fan asked who was his father, and James didn't hesitate to say that he was Stephen Curry's son rather than LeBron's.

Even The King himself couldn't help but crack up after watching his eldest son deny their blood ties, as it was perhaps the dumbest or most unaware question someone has ever asked him - and ever will.

Bronny continues to work on his game and develop his body as he looks to carry his dad's torch once he's eligible to enter the NBA. In fact, some people think that the NBPA will change the rules back so he could be eligible to enter the league straight out of high school in 2023 to play side by side with his old man. But, is that Steph or LeBron?