Anthony Edwards doesn't really like watching basketball. (Getty)


NBA first overall pick Anthony Edwards says he's not actually into basketball

Anthony Edwards surprised everybody when he revealed he's not into the sport of basketball.


Anthony Edwards doesn't really like watching basketball. (Getty)

Anthony Edwards doesn't really like watching basketball. (Getty)

Anthony Edwards has become the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft after being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves. After a couple of months full of uncertainty, Edwards was selected as the first overall pick, beating the likes of James Wiseman, LaMelo Ball, and more. 

He is a great scorer, has the potential to become a great player in the league but a few hours before he was selected to the NBA, Edwards made a shocking confession. The shooting guard revealed that he’s not into basketball. 

He’s a basketball player, that’s what he’ll do for a living now, but Edwards won’t be watching NBA games for fun. In fact, he said he’d prefer to watch and even play in the NFL if he had the chance. 

Anthony Edwards reveals he’s not into basketball 

"I'm still not really into it," Edwards told ESPN’s Alex Scarborough. "I love basketball, yeah ... basketball is my heart, but football is where I started, so I'll never forget about that. But don't get me wrong, basketball is my No. 1 because I feel like it's going to get me through a lot of the stuff I need to get through."

Edwards clarified that he sees basketball just as his job, not like the biggest passion of his life. 

"It's what I do. It's a job," Edwards added. "I feel like I'm working right now. I love it."

Well, some say you need to be patient about your work to be successful at it and the NBA is not the exception. Edwards has been making crazy statements in recent weeks regarding the coronavirus pandemic and now this one. 

Edwards, 19, will join Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell hoping to take the Timberwolves to be a competitive team once again. 


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