Bauer will make a lot of money in 2021. (Getty)


Trevor Bauer gives hilarious response on why he won't play in New York

Free-agent star Trevor Bauer has been tied with multiple teams ahead of next season, so he explained why he won't make it to The Big Apple.


Bauer will make a lot of money in 2021. (Getty)

Bauer will make a lot of money in 2021. (Getty)

Among all the great players who are set to become free agents pretty soon, no name has drawn more attention than Trevor Bauer's, as plenty of contending or hopeful teams could use an ace like him on the mound.

Needless to say, Bauer's talent and energy aren't coming to your local market without offloading an important amount of money but more than that, GMs and fans also know that they'll have to deal with arguably the most outspoken and eccentric guy in MLB.

That's why some teams are reportedly wary of making a huge bid for him. However, pundits and experts believe that he'd be the perfect guy to kickstart the Steve Cohen era in charge of the New York Mets.



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Trevor Bauer Says Baseball Isn't Entertaining, And He Won't Handle New York Media

However, Bauer doesn't seem to agree with that take, as he recently took to Twitter to reply Mets' General Manager Sandy Alderson, who said that New York City would embrace his 'entertaining' personality:

" isn’t entertainment. It’s boring and personality isn’t allowed. And this Bauer guy is going to be terrible in the New York media. Big head case. Couldn’t handle it," Bauer hilariously responded.

Well, it seems like Bauer has no interest in playing for the New York Mets whatsoever, and even though he had 'offered' his services to the New York Yankees in the postseason, that could be just him trolling as per usual.

There's no doubt that Trevor Bauer is one of the most talented pitchers in the world and any team would be lucky to have that kind of flamethrower on the mound. But hey, you'll also have to deal with these kinds of things.


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