Even though some teams and fans are still wary of him because of his often-controversial takes, Trevor Bauer is the most sought-after free agent in Major League Baseball right now, and it’s not even close.

Bauer is coming off a career year with the Cincinnati Reds and, after spending his entire career signing just one-year deals out of a bet he made with a close friend, it seems like he’s now ready to commit to a ballclub for the long term.

Nonetheless, it seems like Bauer is looking for a record-breaking deal for his new contract, which could make things difficult for him right now considering the market has taken a hit due to the pandemic.

Trevor Bauer Wants $36-30 Million Per Year

According to MLB.com’s Jon Heyman, the reigning Cy Young winner wants to sign a deal worthy of $36-40 million that could get him around $200 million, tying or breaking Gerrit Cole’s record from the last offseason:

“Interested teams suggest Trevor Bauer seeks a 5- or 6-year deal for $36M to $40M (about $200M). Bauer is coming off a brilliant Cy Young season but the star market is slow. The record AAV is $36M by Bauer’s UCLA teammate Gerrit Cole. Agent Rachel Luba declines comment on talks,” said the report.

There’s no denying that Trevor Bauer would provide any team with a top-notch arm to bolster their rotation and that in a normal situation, that’s the kind of money he’d expect due to the market’s conditions.

Now, whether a team will be willing to pay that much money for him or not is yet to be seen, but there’s definitely going to be a strong market for the UCLA product. As of now, the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego Padres could be leading the race for Bauer’s services, but we couldn’t rule out the New York Mets either.