Stroman is returning with the Mets. (Getty)


Marcus Stroman signs with New York Mets after trashing White Sox on Twitter

Marcus Stroman re-signed with the Mets after trying his luck in free agency. 


Stroman is returning with the Mets. (Getty)

Stroman is returning with the Mets. (Getty)

New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman has changed his mind and is staying with the New Yorkers after a couple of weeks full of rumors about his future in the league and his next destination in Major League Baseball

He was linked with several organizations in recent days but now he’s staying put with the Mets and he ‘announced’ it a great fashion. After the new Chicago White Sox’s manager Tony LaRussa was charged with his second DUI case, Stroman was clear on what he wanted to do and where he didn’t want to go. 

The 29-year-old didn’t participate in the 2020 season after recovering from his torn calf muscle injury. He opted out of the season due to coronavirus concerns but now is ready to come back stronger than ever with the Mets. 

Marcus Stroman trashes White Sox, Tony LaRussa

The right-hander wasn’t happy with the recent news about Tony LaRussa and his antics earlier this year. The manager was stopped and arrested after driving under the influence in Arizona, even using his credentials trying to get out of trouble. 

Nobody was happy with that situation and Stroman let people know. 

A couple of hours later, it was clear that he had no intention of joining the White Sox and announced he was returning to the Mets. He tweeted new Mets owner Steve Cohen, showing his excitement to play for him. 

“After watching the presser, I’m beyond excited to play for you sir. I could feel the excitement and passion you’re going to bring daily. Let’s go be great!”

According to CBS Sports, Stroman accepted an $18.9 million offer from the Mets and will remain with the team through 2021. He’s ready to make the Mets a good team again with his new boss. As for the Sox, they will keep losing chances to land good players if they keep this mindset. 


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