Devin Williams (left) and Kyle Lewis (right). (Getty)


'Cronenworth robbed' 'Robert snubbed': MLB fans react to Rookie of the Year awards selections

Milwaukee Brewers' Devin Williams and Seattle Mariners' Kyle Lewis have been named NL and AL Rookies of the years, but fans weren't so happy with these decisions. 


Devin Williams (left) and Kyle Lewis (right). (Getty)

Devin Williams (left) and Kyle Lewis (right). (Getty)

MLB 2020 Rookies of the Year have been revealed, with Devin Williams of the Milwaukee Brewers taking the NL award home while Kyle Lewis of the Seattle Mariners did the same in the American League. Both players had good season and even though they didn't compete for the title, their seasons were good enough to earn them these awards.

It's award season in the MLB after the Los Angeles Dodgers got their longed-for 7th World Series a couple of weeks ago, beating the Tampa Bay Rays in six games. We have more award winners to discover in the upcoming days and the first ones are already controversial. 

Williams, a reliever, pitched 27 innings, allowing only one earned run during his first year in the league. As for Lewis, he won the award unanimously after hitting 11 home runs with the Mariners. Their seasons were really good,  but a group of fans believes they didn't deserve this distinction. 

MLB fans criticize 2020 Rookie of the Year award winners 

Whenever we see these selections, it's impossible not to see fans complaining about the results. This year, seeing all the names on the ballot, it wasn't expected to be different but still, some reactions were too much from fans. Williams' selection, being a reliever, raised a lot of eyebrows in the National League. 

Lewis' case wasn't different. The slugger and his team couldn't make the playoffs this season and people didn't see this selection as something fair. 

This will always continue to happen and nobody can change it. Yet, some years are more extreme than others and this is the perfect sample of that. 


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